Grant History

Community Grants:

When ever funds are available the Hall of Fame provides grants to local and national organizations. The grants fund specific capitol school projects or are given in cash to assist other non-profit organization’s projects.



Grant Amount


9-11 Tree     Memorial 5 Trees @ Berner & 5 Trees at MHS


MHS Hall of     Fame Lobby Display


MHS     Electronic Lawn Sign


Board of     Education Website Software for     Alumni Page


Youth     Environmental Service


2006 Habitat for     Humanity Hurricane Project New Orleans


Youth     Environmental Services (YES)


2007 MHS Student     Newspaper


2009 Berner     Middle School Computer Project (Lego)


2010 Youth     Environmental Services   (YES) MHS Volley     Ball (Cancer)   St Rose     Community Food Pantry


2011 Massapequa Eagle Scout      MHSVolleyball (Cancer Research) MHS  Activity  Fund St Rose Food Pantry      Adopt a US Army Company


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