Original Charter Statement

Purpose of the Hall of Fame  (as stated in Certificate of Incorporation effective January 1, 2000.

“To create, form and establish a “Hall of Fame” for distinguished graduates of Massapequa High School; *

To promote, foster and encourage scholastic achievement, educational excellence and intellectual advancement by the formation of a “Hall of Fame”; to organize and sponsor an Annual Dinner to honor new inductees; to present an engraved plaque to each inductee; to display said plaque in the Hall of Fame ‘ in Massapequa High School; to solicit , collect and otherwise raise money for the purposes of this corporation; to raise funds and solicit donations from interested individuals charitable and educational organizations, corporations, agencies and other interested institutions; to accept, hold, invest, reinvest and administer any gift, grants, bequests, devises, benefits of trust ( but not to act as trustee of any trust) and property of any sort, without limitation as to amount or value, and to use, disburse or donate the income or principal thereof exclusively for the charitable purposes of the corporation and generally to endeavor to foster and advance the purposes of the corporation by all available means and methods.

In furtherance of its corporate purpose the corporation shall have a the general powers enumerated in Section 202 of the Not for Profit Corporation Law, together with the powers to solicit grants and contributions for the corporate purposes” (file Third with New York State Certificate of Incorporation)

Effective 1/1/2000

Note: In 1996 The Hall of fame Committee determined that the Selection Committee would be empowered to consider Berner Alumni who were specifically nominated for induction into the Massapequa High School Hall of Fame. The Committee rejected a proposal to automatically include Berner Alumni who were inducted into the Berner Hall of Fame prior to the 1987 closure of the school. It was determined that the criteria for admission for the Berner Hall of Fame varied significantly from that which was adopted for the MHS Hall of Fame.

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