“Hats Off”

“Hats Off” to Hall of Fame Members

Bill Baldwin

From Al Bevilacqua ( http://www.win-magazine.com/win-awards/chapman-impact-award/baldwin-and-eldowney-share-wins-mike-chapman-impact-award/  )

  “It was the little engine that could,” declared Billy Baldwin, known for acting and his love for wrestling, especially for Binghamton University, the up-state New York program that not only finished 14th in the team standings in St. Louis in March but produced as many All-Americans (2) as more historic wrestling programs like Oklahoma and Michigan.

And leading the way for the Bearcats was 149-pound Donnie Vinson, who finished third … but only after he won seven wrestle backs after getting beat in the first round of the 2012 NCAAs.

“(Vinson) never had his hand raised (at the NCAAs) before this year and when he lost his first match, he came out and got thrown on his back and almost gets pinned (by Michigan State’s Dan Osterman). But he wound up pinning that kid and then won another six matches.”

Vinson’s performance may have been perfect for Binghamton, which also had its back against the wall back in 2005 when the university president threatened to discontinue the sport, which moved to the Division I level in 2000.

That’s when Baldwin — who wrestled for Binghamton back when it was an NCAA Division III program — led a group of Bearcat alums to not only help save the program but reach what many a few years ago considered and unattainable goal when BU set records for highest NCAA finish and number of All-Americans.

“We are blessed there,” said Baldwin, who made at least three trips from his California home to watch Binghamton, including the NCAAs when he actually broadcast the finals on Takedown Radio for Scott Casber.

“First, wrestling is not an expensive sport and two, over 60 percent of those wrestling in the NCAAs are from Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and New Jersey.”

That fertile wrestling ground helps field a roster but if it wasn’t for the financial help that Baldwin and other Binghamton alumni generated, the Bearcats may not have had the season it enjoyed in 2011-12.

“The average donation at Binghamton is $6,000 a year,” said Baldwin. “We were able to generate $75,000 from wrestling alums.”

That is one reason Baldwin was named a co-winner of the Mike Chapman Impact of the Year Award for 2012. (Chapman, still a columnist for WIN, founded the magazine in 1994 and was one of first to fight the impact of Title IX in college wrestling, which put schools like Binghamton on the endangered list among college sports)…………..end copy

Alec Baldwin, Berner 1976

ZanderAlec Baldwin, Berner 1976, lately in the news for the adventures of traveling by air… What most folks have not heard about is that Alec was a spokesperson for Wegmans. ( A Upstate NY Food Market) He donated  his salary to his mother’s Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Foundation.  Carol (a Hall of Fame member in her own right) lives in SyracuseNY near several Wegman stores.

After Alec’s travel story became national news Wegman’s dismissed Alec as their spokesman. Than, all heck broke lose in the Syracuse community according to  reports in the Syracuse press & TV … Wegman’s did an about face and Alec was reinstated to job. He again will donate his salary (estimated to be in the $ 250,000 range) to the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Foundation.

9-11 Memorial

Rosemary Cain spearheaded the new 9-11 Memorial  constructed on the lawn of Massapequa High School. Her son George was   a 9-11 firefighter killed in the attack. According to Massapequa School Superintendent Charles Sulc, the project involved the Village of  Massapequa Park and its Architects H2M, Massapequa residents, the DeMartino Construction Company and Web Construction of Mineola. The District’s ground crew placed the World Trade Center iron beam into the base and Joe Davis Landscaping completed the project with shrubs and flowers. Three memorial plaques will honor those who have fallen in the 9-11 attack, the Pentagon and Flight 93 crash in Pennsylvania.  The project is flanked by the Hall of Fame Memorial Trees

Massapequa High Schools Hall of Fame Inc.

                                   A Newsletter for Friends of the Hall of Fame                     

                                               Hall of Fame Chief Chat Beacon

                                         ————-February  2012—————-

Massapequa, NY: For Immediate release, February 15, 2012

Hall Of Fame Search Committee Formed

Hall of Fame President Mike Hanna and the Board of Directors have approved the formation of a search committee to actively seek new candidates for induction into the Massapequa High Schools Hall of Fame.


Directors  (L.>R.) Shirley Lenker, Cindi Krieg, Sue Woodbury, Mike Hanna, Pauline Koller, Wilma Diehl, Herb Pluschau, Donna Anderson are conducting a national search to recognize alumni and community/staff members who have achieved extraordinary success in their chosen field and / or have provided exemplary service to the schools, community, or the family.  Director Donna Anderson will serve as Chairperson of the committee.

The goal of the Hall of Fame is to promote school and community pride.  Hall of Fame members provide an excellent resource for career advisement and networking for current and future students.

Nomination Procedures

Alumni Candidates who have attended or graduated from Berner orMassapequa High School may nominate themselves by completing a “Nomination Form”, or may be sponsored by a fellow alumnus, community resident, staff member or parent upon completion of a “Form”.

The Hall of Fame also honors Community residents and staff members of the Massapequa Schools. Community / Staff honorees are selected on the basis of service to the community, the school district and its pupils.  

(For Nomination Forms, go to www.massapequahallofame.com)

Community candidates from all fields of endeavor are welcome, including parents who have provided extraordinary service to their children and family.

The Selection Committee reviews nominations and presents a ballot to the Directors for a January vote. The Directors select up to eight alumni candidates and two or three community/staff honorees. Staff nominees include all classification of employment in the district.

Hats Off to Hall of Fame Members

Bob Nillson MHS 59 & Jack Farley MHS 60

(L): Bob Nilsson (MHS ‘59) and Jack Farley  (MHS ‘60) were     neighbors, football and lacrosse teammates, and decorated Vietnamvets. For the past 8 years, they have teamed up again, this time as volunteers working with the wounded warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan at the newly combined Walter Reed Army  Medical Center in Bethesda,MD.

Coach Al Bevilacqua

His name is synonymous with wrestling in Massapequa and from now on all wrestling practices in Massapequa High School will take place in his wrestling room. Longtime Chiefs’ wrestling coach Al Bevilacqua was honored during Massapequa’s annual holiday wrestling tournament last week when the school officially named the room after him. It is another accolade for Bevilaqua, who will also receive the National Wrestling Hall of Fame’s Order of Merit award in June. Bevilaqua served as Massapeqa’s wrestling coach from 1963-77 and taught in the school district from 1961-94.   MassapequaPatch January 2012.

Webmaster Joe Freda

Webmaster Joe Freda has received applause thanks for redesigning the Hall of Fame website. He has served the ”Hall” for over 5 years bringing information and news to members and the community. Recently, he organized a new web site committee to maintain the new site. Joining him as Assistant Webmaster is Director George Freund (who also manages our Face Book Page) and two Web Editors. 

Dr. Jodi Abramson

Jodi Abramson MHS 1985, has  received continuous  national peer recognition as a Top Laser Surgeon by “Best Doctor in America” 2005 -2012.” Dr. Abramson was one of the first surgeons in the New York Metro area to become involved in laser eye surgery. She has performed over 10 thousand LASIK procedures  since 1995, as well as other refractive procedures and corneal transplants, making her one of the most experienced surgeons in the country. Dr. Abramson has been featured in major publications such as New York Times, RX Remedy Magazine, and Woman’s World Magazine.

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