Hall of Fame Contribution Program

Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships and Grants

Since our inception, the Hall of Fame Annual Golf Outing/ Induction Dinner has been our major fund raising source. Golf and Dinner tickets by design are priced slightly over cost to make the event affordable for inductees and guests. Individual contributions and hole sponsors have provided us with the funds necessary to maintain the organization and its Hall of Fame Program.

We have directed the major portion of our giving program towards providing student scholarships. Currently, we provided eighteen (18) Two Thousand Dollar ($2000) Scholarships to Massapequa High School graduating students.

Our School/Community grants program provides funds for MHS building improvements and student extracurricular organizations projects that are not funded by the district budget. Community youth organizations are also eligible for Hall of Fame community grants.

Arrangement for sponsoring special scholarships and contributions can be made at any time during the year or in conjunction with the Hall’s Annual Fund Raising Golf / Induction Dinner Program held annually on the first Monday in August.

If you are interested in any of the following special programs, please download and fill out the Contribution Form at the bottom of this page or click on Paypal to make your secure online credit card donation.

1. Memorial Scholarships ($1,000 or $2,000)

are awarded for one year or annually specifically in memory of an individual.

2. Corporate or Individual Donor Scholarships

($1000 or $2000) are awarded for one or more years in honor of an individual, an MHS or BHS graduating class or a corporate sponsor.

3. Contributions in Lieu of Flowers

The Hall of Fame will accept contribution of any amount in memory of a person designated by a Massapequa School / Community, Alumni or Staff Family.


Other Information: Scholarships are selected by the Hall of Fame

Committee and are announced at the May Awards Night. The monetary award is

presented at the Induction Dinner. (Held on the first Monday in August)

The Community grants are selected and awarded by the Board of Directors at the Induction Dinner whenever possible.

If you are seeking additional information please send your inquiry by either using the form below or sending an email with your contact information to massapequahof@gmail.com .

Memorial Scholarships Donation Form

Note: If a Memorial or “Honor of” award is received after the March 1st cut off date the scholarship will be awarded the following year.

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